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Comedy Around the Campfire
One-Act Plays; General Admission - Limited Seating

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Century Drama is pleased to present “Comedy Around the Campfire: A One-Act Comedy Special!” The evening will be full of laughs as we present ten short comedies written by local playwright (and father of one of our stage managers) Mr. Jeff Dunne. These student-directed one-act plays will be presented in a very intimate setting with the audience joining the actors on stage, surrounding the playing space on three sides.  With only 120 general admission seats for the audience, purchase tickets early and arrive at the theater at least 20 minutes prior to showtime to choose your seats.  There will be an intermission so patrons can purchase food and beverage to bring back to their seats. Come join us around the “campfire” as we tell tales that are sure to make you laugh and smile in this unique performance.

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